Fitzrovia Gallery 2022

A group show featuring the work of 20 artists across painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and performance at Fitzrovia Gallery, London.

12th-16th July, 12-6pm

PV, 14th July, 6-9pm

The interdisciplinary thinker and philosopher Luce Irigaray believed that intimate listening, ‘the special listening we might reserve for the words of a lover’, could create a space for existence: ‘I encourage something unexpected to emerge, some becoming, some growth, some new dawn, perhaps.’ (Irigaray, 1996, 116-117). ‘intimacy’ includes the work of artists who, like Irigaray, are listening for something unexpected to emerge from a stillness. The works at Fitzrovia sit together quietly, as if contemplating a disturbance, or a becoming. Figures appear to be resting or pondering a move, objects with small, hidden crevices recline or reside as organic experiments — organic forms respond and call out delicately to each other.

Irigaray, L. (1996) I Love To You. New York and London: Routledge 

Instagram: regroupcollective / Fitzrovia Gallery

1- Jiaxin Duan, Exquisite corpse game, Acrylic on canvas (@djxbella)
2- Paulina An-Zorge, Prometheus Series, Photography of Engraved Carbon Tableau ( 3- Margarida Pinheiro, Untitled, Oil stick on paper (@margaridapinheiro_art)
4- Maria Cohen, Pray and sacrifice, Screenprint on paper (@mari_cohen)
5- Emily North, Gaslight me baby, Acrylic on canvas (@Emily_alice_north)
6- Gemma Thompson, Two Rains (score for two guitars), Woodcut on paper (@gemma_s_thompson) 7- Jeremy Scott, End of Influence, Acrylic and oil on canvas (@jeremyscottstudio)
8- Marta Zanatti, Trajectories, Inkjet print on Somerset paper (@martazanatti)
9- Loraine MonkBlue, Aquatint on paper (@lorainemonk)
10- Francisco TimoteoCloser, Acrylic on canvas (@f_timoteoart)
11- Jo Gabriele Sheppard, Untitled, (@jogsheppard)
12- Hugh Goodfellow, Euphoria, Watercolour on canvas (@hughjollygoodfellow)
13- Marta Zanatti, Untitled, Inkjet print on japanese paper (@martazanatti)
14- Pawel Tajer, Untitled, (@pawel_tajer)
15- Gemma Thompson, Enclosed in glass, Mezzotint (@gemma_s_thompson)
16- Mengmeng Zhang, Falling leaves, Oil on canvas (@_menx2)
17- Sarah Chalkie Cloonan, Lemon Triptych, Printed perspex (@sarahchalkiecloonan)
18- Jennifer Moore, Ethereal Earth Series l, ll & lll, Laser etchings on paper (@jen_moore_print)
19- Sama Yahyazadeh, The Temptress, The Incel, Gouache on paper
20- Helen Elizabeth, Snail Etch I, Collagraph on somerset paper (@hm.encounters)
21- Margarida Pinheiro, Night, Oil stick and watercolour on paper (@margaridapinheiro_art)
22- Leila Lebreton, Matthieu, Oil on canvas (@leilalebreton_art)
23- Helen Elizabeth, Roots, Eco-print on kozo (@hm.encounters)
24- Reda GrigaraviciuteStool N001, Ceramic (@re_dada_art)