Magic Fish Tree. Kopel Station May 2023

“Magic Fish Tree” is the image that I created while exploring beliefs about what might be true. Listening to Ella Fitzgerald singing “Paper Moon” I combined images that took me to that moment at bedtime when we listen to stories before we dream. Entering a world of our imagination, the trees reach up into the…

Undercurrents @ Adelaid Studio

Artists Open Houses Brighton & Hove 2023 May Weekends, 11 -5pm, 6th –28th May 2023 or by appointment. Adelaide Studio proudly presents “Undercurrents”. Paintings, prints, artworks and assemblages by four contemporary female artists. Together they explore the undercurrents that flow through society. Paulina An-Zorge, Sarah Chalkie Cloonan, Maria Cohen & Jo Gabriele Sheppard.

There are no words, just paintings.

I am beginning to realise and possibly grasp what I am chasing, revealing, and trying to catch. I am not sure realising is the right word; it is not exact enough for that struggle where you try to put your finger on something. Words are helpful but not always the best way to find answers….

‘regroup’ Espacio Gallery November 2022

regroup Will take place at the renowned Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road from the 9th to the 12th November 2022. The show will mark the first anniversary of the regroup Collective, a group formed in the Autumn of 2021, comprising many artists working in a variety of mediums such as sculpture, painting, print, and…

If pots could talk

Tea, coffee, honey, pepper, chocolate pots, a milk jug, jam jar & me. Domestic Vessels. Vessels of knowledge/portent. Lift the cup of life to your lips and sip. Or is it vessels of knowing that raise our curiosity? Revealing the occult, removing the fear of the hidden and unknown. Making familiar the frightening. Using education…