Goldsmiths MA Arts & Learning 2021-22

Having successfully completed the RCA Graduate Diploma, I was accepted for the MA in Art & Learning at Goldsmith’s. As Covid 19 engulfed the population and disrupted my life, I deferred my MA at Goldsmiths to concentrate on developing my fine art practice. I worked on my paintings on-site at UAL Camberwell on the MA painting course and in my kitchen studio at home.

This was a perfect introduction to what Art could be, and how it complemented my home life, while instigating and supporting my learning.

I still have questions, different questions. The MA Art & Learning at Goldsmiths will be the perfect place to explore them.

I have chosen 5 modules, including an optional ‘Radical Performance module.

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The MA AL one year Arts & Learning course, delivered by the education department at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Course Modules

Module 1

Radical Performance attempts to probe the creative innovations in theatre, performance, and live art practices that intersect with notions of ‘radicality’. The topic is approached through an examination of the various creative elements that have underpinned theatrical experiments, challenges, and resistances. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical and philosophical aspects, this course aims to enhance students’ abilities to critique the ethics and efficacy of radical performance

Module 2

Revisiting Practice is the first of a sequence of praxic-based (practice with theory) modules that requires you to assess and articulate the current state of your artistic practices and position these within the contexts of your professional and pedagogic practice, and through a critical engagement with contemporary art, pedagogy and theory. This module builds upon your prior learning from former degrees, and professional practices and culminates in an exhibition-event, critical reflective statement and viva that is a coherent, focused and considered presentation of your practices (artistic with pedagogic) and underpinning theories.

Modual 3

Spaces of Practice

This Module, in partnership with The Whitechapel Gallery, Gasworks and Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art and gives you the opportunity to engage in a study of contemporary art practices in order to develop pedagogical and artistic knowledge and understanding.  It is aimed at initiating and extending practical, critical and contextual understanding of contemporary art practices and how these can be used to explore social and cultural issues. You will engage with contemporary theory in critical and cultural studies such as semiotics, hermeneutics, post-structuralism and psychoanalysis.

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Module 4

Critical Pedagogy in Contested Spaces

This Module, in partnership with Tate Modern, continues to support and develop your praxis through engaging with the theories and concepts of Critical Pedagogy. You will explore the potential of the artist teacher to operate at a level beyond orthodoxy – toward a critical pedagogy. Contemporary art practices will be placed within a socio- political framework to illustrate the position of artist educators within this current and critical pedagogical agenda. Key critical pedagogues: Paulo Freire, Ira Shor, Antonio Darder and Henry Giroux as well as the theories and philosophies of John Dewey, Jean Piaget and Karl Marx.

Module 5

Independent Studies is the final praxic-based module of the MAAL. Through this module you will continue to develop and begin to consolidate your praxis and position as artist educator but also interweave practice-based research methodologies and theories. Through your engagement in this module you will: create new work; develop innovative research methodologies and outcomes; critically debate the changing nature of contemporary art, gallery/exhibition practices and art education; and most importantly develop networks and approaches to sustain this praxis as artist educator beyond the MAAL.

My Final Essay- Link

Link to my final Show and critical statement.