regroup Collective 21.9.22 – All the Frequent Troubles of our Days.

Between Memory & Experience 02.2022

In this current state of global uncertainty, in a world that occasionally has stopped making sense to me, I am creating ‘memento vivere’ as reminders to live.

My artworks are documents that reveal my thoughts and feelings. It is this process that keeps me open to new ideas. Mine is a conscious practice, and I often struggle to find the words to describe it. Capturing a moment or producing a thing to explain, I am exploring my world. I am strolling through my ideas, looking for answers to my questions. I am always uncertain of the meaning of each piece until after the event. This experience of making, reflecting, researching, and remaking allows me to connect my memories, experiences and feeling. I want Each art piece to read like a map, with The key hidden in my writing. 

As my artwork access parts of my memory and experiences that I cannot articulate in words, They summon feelings and respond to questions and narratives. In this manner, I can raise Rebecca West’s vessel to my lips (West, 1955) and, like  Anais Nin (Nin, 2012), taste life twice. It is the narratives behind the jars, daughters, lemons, statues, emotions and objects and the questions that emerge from the subjects’ juxtapositions that drive my practice. Through painting, photographing, tearing, sticking, and pasting, new meanings emerge. This is how I currently untangle my world, perpetuating curiosity and energy around me.

Sarah Chalkie Cloonan 2022

Brown Paper and String 2022. 80 x 95 cm
Mixed media assemblage