regroupadvance 10 – 14 November 2021

Post art school; Post pandemic (hopefully); Post BREXIT; in the turmoil of climate change, BLM, migration, misogyny, and Global instability: questioning self and place in the world. Recent MAFA graduates from Camberwell College of Arts respond to this pivotal moment as London based artists.
regroup/advance offers a snapshot of the diverse practice of artists working in the Capital. The group is energised, challenge-charged, collaborative and emboldened to tackle transition stepping into the future with hope whilst honestly engaging with the pressing issues of our times.

Mayfly , Lived for a day. 2021

– Your name- Sarah Chalkie Cloonan – About Link.

– Title – Mayfly, Lived for a day.

– Year – 2021

– Technique- Wood, latex and paper, applied

– Size – A4

– Price – £650

Everyday objects, lemons, dogs, teapots, trees, animals, insects, and daughters, where they rest, their narratives and the questions that emerge from their connected juxtaposition is what drives my practice. The Mayfly lives for a day, no time for regrets, it mates and dies, this one lived 125 million years ago.

All works are for sale, prints of the originals are available. Please contact me directly for prices and availability.

Examples of Other works available – Link.

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