MA Camberwell Show 10 – 17 Sept 2021

Lilith’s Complaint  2021, Paintings, paper and domestic materials from daily life. 190cm x190cm.


Looking around my domestic realm I see many curious things that impart moments of musing and wonder.  Curiosity about these everyday objects, lemons, dogs, teapots, trees, and daughters, where they rest, their narratives and the questions that emerge from their connected juxtaposition is what drives my practice. As William Morris put it, “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, in elevating them by art” (William Morris. The Aims of Art. 1877).  

Strangely, while still life artwork  by male artists has historically been viewed as spiritually significant, when such subject matter is presented by women artists, the details of them have often seen as merely decorative. This is an assumption I wish to challenge and why, in my most recent work, I question traditional expectations of female virtue through my exploration of ‘Lilith’s Complaint’ and continue to investigate the domestic magic I find within my daily routines.

This process of exploring the everyday relies heavily upon serendipity and synchronicity: responding to the seemingly random coming together of objects and information and capturing them to be rereleased when viewed. Through painting, photographing, tearing, sticking, and pasting, new meanings emerge. This is how I untangle my world and perpetuate curiosity and energy around me.  

Sarah Chalkie Cloonan

September 2021